Founded by Mr. Walid Bader in 2005 after many years of expertise in Business Management, International Trading, Logistics and Supply Chain in Cement Industry.

In late 2005 we started supplying Cement and Clinker to some different countries in The Middle East and Africa Region sourcing out of different origins. We remained in Cement Business until late 2013 then minimized our operation due to world over capacity, drop of prices, low demand, and other regional crises.


In 2010 we started supplying Salt which one of our main business fields, sourcing out of The Best Salt Quality on Earth “The Dead Sea of Jordan” in addition to Egypt.

Our markets are North & West Europe for Road / Snow De-Icing and Industrial Salt. And Asia for Edible Food / Table / Cooking Salt.


In 2014 we started our second business field of Charcoal and Coal Supply. We import Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes from Indonesia and have our exclusive special Super Premium Quality and brand names: Accu Nara, Coco StiX and Trust.


In 2016 we expanded and became Coconut Shell Charcoal Manufacturers by having high regional market share and contributions in Indonesian Charcoal Factories.

Adding to above, we supply Canned and Dried Foods from different sources. We are always open-minded and looking forward to new thoughts and ideas of business to serve and satisfy our markets and clients to the maximum level.

Why Us?

We are highly experienced World Wide Commercial Professions with over 20 years of expertise, effective hard workers, optimistic and friendly by nature, proud of bringing right tasks, solutions and development to our business and clients.

Always honored to be at your disposal and service.