♦ CHARCOAL ♦   We do have our own coconut shell charcoal factory in Indonesia and supplying the Jordanian Hookah / Arguileh smokers with our Super Premium Quality of Accu Nara exclusive registered brand name. Accu Nara is Hookah Cylindrical Shape Charcoal Briquettes manufactured from 100% Coconut Shell with no any chemical additives what so ever. No Lighting / Ignition Smell, No Taste on Tobacco, No Odd Smells While Using, Minimum Ash Outcome and Long Lasting Fire Heat.
Discharge of Washed Salt 1
♦ SALT ♦ Sourcing out the Best Salt Quality on Earth the Dead Sea of Jordan – with salts concentration comes around 31%, meaning 5 times higher than normal sea salts. In Salt, we supply the following:
  • Raw Dead Sea Salt (sea harvest) which has many uses such as road snow melting, water treatment, dust control, chemicals and petroleum industry
  • De-Icing Salt (Road Salt) with Anti-Caking
  • Industrial Salt (Washed Salt)
  • Food Iodized Salts (Fine & Vacuumed)
Related to above, we supply Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) in both form Liquid and Powder Flakes.
♦ CEMENT & CLINKER ♦ We supply the following cement types:
  • CEM I OPC 42.5 & 52.5
  • CEM II PPC 32.5 & 42.5
  • SRC 42.5
  • Slag Cement Type III/A
  • GGBS Cement ( Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag Cement)
  • Oil Well Cement
Cement and Clinker are according to the latest International Standards. Available in Bags and Bulk and Delivered FOB or C&F Sourced out of different origins according to the destination location.